Quail Restoration Club of Illinois
8303 Concordia Church Road
Belleville, Illinois 62223 (618) 476-1024

Main Lake at the Quail Club

The Quail Restoration Club is dedicated to the revival of the Illinois Game Birds. The club depends on its members to help keep the grounds maintained and cleaned, to assist in its membership drives, its fundraising activities, and to be an active member of the club. Success is determined by our ability to serve our membership, and the members for the betterment of the club.

Restoration of the Lakes

The Quail Club undertook a major improvement to the club in the Spring of 2004 with the maintenance work to the two lakes on the Quail Club property. Both lakes were drained and cleaned, facilities were placed in the lakes to assist in the breeding of game fish to improve the fishing in both lakes. Nearly 15 feet of bottom lake was removed from the lake pictured above. New clay and overflow tubes were placed in each lake to meet future demands and to ensure that the lakes need littel maintenance over the next several years.

Land Acquisition

The Quail Club acquired seventeen acres to the immediate east of the Quail Club property for future improvements and expansion. The club is now entertaining ideas for the use of the land, ideas have included shooting ranges, trap shooting, and quail cages. The club is always looking for new ideas to improve membership participation and attracting new members.

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